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Monday: Pan Seared Salmon with Chianti Farro Salad

This is my take on a delicious dish that I had at Culina at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. It is hearty, crunchy and so good for you. Two notes: We like the whole piece of salmon crispy and the trick is to get that pan screaming hot. Short on time? Use your favorite vinaigrette – but try this Chianti one soon. NOTE: This is an updated recipe.
Serves: 4     Prep: 20     Cooking: 35


For the Salmon
1 lb skin-on salmon fillet, preferably wild-caught, cut into 4 pieces
2 tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper
For the Vinaigrette
2 cups Chianti (or other red wine)
1 tablespoon honey
¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary
1 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more for seasoning
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, plus more for seasoning For the Farro Salad
1 cup farro
1/3 cup red onion, finely diced
½ cup cucumber, washed, not peeled, seeded and finely diced
1/3 cup red bell pepper, finely diced
1/3 cup parsley leaves, pulled from stems but left whole


Prep Opportunity
Finely dice the red bell pepper and red onion. Slice the cucumber in half lengthwise. With a spoon, remove the seeds. Finely diced the cucumber and add to pepper and onion. Remove parsley leaves from stems. Store in the fridge.
Soak farro for 15 minutes in a bowl of water.
Place the wine in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Boil gently until reduced to 1 cup, about 15 minutes. Remove from the heat.
Chop veggies if you didn’t already.
Drain farro. Combine 6 cups water and farro in medium saucepan. Bring to boil.
Reduce heat and simmer, partially covered.
After, 10 minutes, test farro. It should be cooked but still very toothsome.
Meanwhile, make the vinaigrette. Into the wine reduction, whisk the honey until dissolved. Add the extra-virgin olive oil, rosemary, salt, and pepper. Whisk to combine.
Pat the salmon dry with papertowel or a tea towel. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.
Drain farro and rinse in cold water to cool. Toss with vinaigrette and set aside.
Heat your pan over medium high heat.
Once it’s very hot, add the  olive oil.
After 15-20 seconds, carefully lay the salmon fillets in the skillet skin side down. Cook without moving, pressing gently on fillets with a spatula to ensure skin is in full contact with pan, until skin is golden and crisp, about 5 minutes.
Turn them over and cook for another 3 minutes for medium.  Cooking time will depend on thickness of fish and desired doneness.
Add chopped vegetables and parsley to the farro and toss.
Divide farro salad among plates.
Top with salmon.