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I want to eat real food. I want my family to eat real food. Armed with this plan, I know I can do it. I am a real person, with real kids in a regular ol' kitchen cranking out dinner. Find out my inspiration for the menus, what's happening in my kitchen, and the achievements on the kid-friendly front.

A Little Twist

2015-01-10 | 0 comments
This week’s plan just works. Nothing to fancy, just straightforward preparations and familiar flavors. Each night has an old favorite and a little twist. Let’s get to the play by play.
Monday leads off with Cornflake Cod. My Gram lived in Boston her entire life and this is one my favorites of hers. The twist? I added her succotash recipe. Who doesn’t love saying succotash?  
Tuesday is the doubler day when we are cooking a little extra to save time later in the week. This preparation of the roasted beef is my Mom’s method.  I found it in one of her recipe boxes. It’s super easy and the twist? Those roasted tomatoes – oh my God.  You’ve got to enjoy them on top of the warm sliced beef.
I found Wednesday‘s pasta recipe in a magazine while sitting at the pediatrician’s office a bazillion years ago. I’ve been tossing Brie on hot pasta ever since. It’s buttery but with a subtle sweetness and with the mushrooms? C’mon. The twist? Not so much a twist but what I had around – baby arugula.  Now it’s a one-pot meal. Boom.
Thursday’s Hot Beef Subs were the inspiration for roasting the beef. The roast is fabulous but we just love a hot sub over here.  What? I’m just keeping it real. And the twist? I added pepperoncini to the peppers and onions.
So no fun quotes or quips this week. No pearls of food wisdom or revelatory research. Just a solid plan for real families to enjoy some real food. Straight up. Sometimes you just got to get back to basics, put your head down and cook dinner. Wait, was that one? Jeez, I can’t help myself…


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