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I want to eat real food. I want my family to eat real food. Armed with this plan, I know I can do it. I am a real person, with real kids in a regular ol' kitchen cranking out dinner. Find out my inspiration for the menus, what's happening in my kitchen, and the achievements on the kid-friendly front.

Fresh, Real Food ... In a Hurry

2014-05-30 | 0 comments
These next few weeks are crazy for all of us. Some kids are already out of school (!), for others it’s crunch time as the last weeks wind down – which actually feels more like winding up! I don’t know about you, but I could easily be talked into ditching the last 2 weeks of school – I’m dead serious. Maybe hit the sand, a few day games at the ballpark, even just sleeping in sounds better than making another lunch or killing it to get to the pick up circle. Oy.
OK, I know time is tight so we just need a good plan to get everybody fed this week. Let me break it down for ya.
Monday - Burgers on the Grill with Homemade Ranch
Since we are already taking a whole 10 minutes to make the dip/dressing, let’s double it! Then, add fresh herbs to half and sock that away for use later in the week. 
Tuesday – Poached Chicken with Stonefruit Farro Salad
Poached chicken is one of the most juicy, flavorful and versatile preparations out there - from here you can chop it for pasta or chicken salad, shred it for enchiladas, or slice it for a club sandwich.  We’re poaching a little extra for use later in the week. The farro salad is a repeat from last summer - use any combo of stonefruits available at the market – be sure to stop and give them a wiff – mmmmm…soooo good.
Wednesday – Gazpacho Soup with Ricotta Crostini
Fresh, fresh, fresh. It’s a ‘no cook’ and delicious! My kids totally wrinkled their noses at this and then proceeded to gobble it up. It keeps beautifully for a few days in the fridge which makes it great for our conflicting schedules. Everybody gets a fresh, real food dinner.
Thursday – Chopped Salad with Herbed Ranch Dressing
Who doesn’t love a chopped salad? Clean out that veggie drawer, use up the poached chicken and top it off with a fresh, homemade Ranch Dressing. Need a little heft? Make a wrap.
Ok, so there’s the plan – double the dressing on Monday, double the chicken on Tuesday. Got 20 minutes somewhere? Make the soup and sock it away in the fridge. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are all ready 20-30 minutes. Best part? We are still eating fresh, real food. Boom.


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