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Holiday Mash Up

2013-02-08 | 0 comments

Kung Hey Fat Choi! Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! Would You Be Mine …

Holy Moly! What a week of celebrations.

Chinese New Year kicks off Sunday the 10th. I will post a dish on the blog and we will celebrate with more dishes as the 2 week celebration continues. It’s the year of the Snake. Do you have a good snake dish to share? Ha! No, we are not making a snake dish.

Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras is here and we are knocking out a fantastic Jambalaya that brings home those Cajun flavors. And why not? Everything else from the 90’s seems to be all the rage! Find a pal from Louisiana and give ‘em a big squeeze!

And last, by far not least, Thursday is Valentine’s Day. We are making little bundles of cheesy love for our little loves. And they have just what they like – no funny stuff. Oh, Me? What am I doing to celebrate with My Love? Oysters? Champagne? Nope - college hoops game of his alma mater. Yup. It’s love!

Have a wonderful week of celebrating – there’s a load to talk about at the table.


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