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In the Words of Maya Angelou

2013-03-08 | 0 comments

“When you know better, do better.”

I just quoted Maya Angelou, via Oprah! What? Yes. I have been part of such an interesting and charged discussion this morning and I want to share.

It all started with the movement on Facebook to urge Kraft Foods to remove dyes from their Mac n’ Cheese. The conversation went from passion to apathy, judgement to nostalgia, and in the end, dug up some great sources of information. But, by far, the most exciting thing was that there was a conversation at all! We care not unconscious eaters. We care about our food sources – this is where real change comes from.

Yes, if you are growing and raising your food, you have exceptionally good control over your food resources. But, most families, like mine, may grow some veggies, herbs and a few even have chickens. We are at the mercy of farmers and corporations to provide our ingredients so that we can prepare our own dishes at home. Buying food in its ‘whole’ state is the best we can hope for as we try to make good decisions at the market.

But, c’mon, real families buy boxed products too and we want to trust them to not contain anything but food. Your challenge this week is to read a few labels. Do you recognize all the words? Does that bug you? No need to throw away food just be a little more conscious of what you are doing. Great example: Caesar salad dressing. Read the label of a few favorites and then try making it using Monday’s recipe. Let me know what you think.

Europeans are leading the charge in the food revolution’s challenge to corporate food producers – they have eliminated most high fructose corn syrup from many food categories and now are taking on dyes. Maybe we should follow their lead? They do have a way with food…brie, chardonnay, gnocchi, macarons, ...


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