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I want to eat real food. I want my family to eat real food. Armed with this plan, I know I can do it. I am a real person, with real kids in a regular ol' kitchen cranking out dinner. Find out my inspiration for the menus, what's happening in my kitchen, and the achievements on the kid-friendly front.

Mission Critical Gizmo

2013-10-11 | 2 comments
I love a Sunday roast. Even on a Tuesday. I love how my house smells, I love how easy it is, I love how fancy it tastes and I just plain love the feeling of having a roast in the oven. I know some of you are totally feelin’ me. 
But, we’ve all killed a roast. I did just recently. You know why? I couldn’t find my digital meat thermometer and I was just too lazy to go get one. And, I really thought that I ‘could just tell’ when it was done. (Buzzer sound) Wrong. I will never roast without one again. There is no better way to do all that we do in a busy day AND roast with confidence.
I am keeping it brief this week – leaving you time in your day to find your digital thermometer, replace the battery or go buy one. Do. It.
PS There is a link to one that I use on the blog.


Carey S

2013-10-18 13:13:22

Destroyed a beautiful roast from Diablo just two weeks ago... still haven't replaced my lost (where DO these things go) digital thermometer... ugh.


2013-10-22 19:19:53

Uggh! Treat yourself to a new one and keep it with the corkscrew - I see mine everyday!

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