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Try to Find the Funny

2014-06-13 | 0 comments
My Dear Dad was a gem.

Since it’s Father’s Day weekend, I’m thinking of my Dad and about his everlasting fatherly influence on us kids.
Be a lady.
Be a good sport.
Have an opinion.
Give a good hand shake – no limp fish.
You are not just you. You are a representative of your whole family.
Self respect is the goal. The rest will follow.
The salt water heals inside and out.
Sing at the top of your lungs every once in a while.
Make time for God – however you choose.
Keep your nose clean – literally and figuratively.
Connect with the Earth, get your hands in the dirt.
Pay yourself first, even if it’s just a little bit. Pay your bills second.
Let the plumber fix the plumbing.
Buy the insurance.
But, I think my most treasured and useful gift that my Dad shared with me is the ability to find the funny in just about anything. It’s really about separating the drama from the truth. We all know that life can get really heavy and it’s been great tool to have tucked away in my backpocket.  It keeps him here with me.
Wow, I just got heavy there. Let’s reel it in and get to the food! Since I can’t celebrate with him any longer, I will make his favorites for the next best Dad – my husband! The Grilled London Broil and Ziti Arrabiata are two of my Dad’s all time faves. I’ll play some Bobby Darin and The Kingston Trio while I cook.  And, when we sit down to eat I will savor seeing Dad in my kid’s faces. Happy Father’s Day.
PS I loved making this list – you should try it!


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