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Countdown to Summer

2014-05-25 | 0 comments
As we head out of town this Memorial Day weekend, I am nostalgic for my hometown - Madison. It’s a little beach town on the coast of Connecticut. September through May it was quiet and quaint - albeit full of salty New England Yankees. Think Town & Country meets The Farmer’s Almanac.  May weather was sunny but with a heavy dew in the air  - perfect for our garden. Everything was lush, green and in full bloom.  And, it was so still in the evenings. 
My Dad had a great vegetable garden. He would be out there every night after work, in his madras Bermudas and tall ships belt, tending to his babies. By Memorial Day, we would have a few tomatoes, peas, radishes and little cucumbers. A few of this week’s recipes are straight out of my Dad’s garden and my Mom’s kitchen - Tuesday’s Barley Salad, Wednesday’s Spring Green Pasta and Thursday’s Potato Salad.
Memorial Day signaled the beginning of our summer. Come June, things would ramp up in Madison as summer residents arrived from in and around Manhattan. As much as they brought a great vibe to town, it was nice to have a few sunny weeks on the beach to ourselves before the party started. We could go to the Bower Brothers Farmstand and or to the Sweet Shoppe and there would be no line at all. Although Madison never got crowded, it was special when it was “just us’.

I'll be thinking of Madison this weekend, like riding my bike to the beach, playing ultimate on the Green or picnicing with the crew. I would add a little California twist on the holiday like Monday’s Taco Salad or Tuesday’s Balsamic Pulled Pork. That would be a kick!
What are you going to do make it fun? How about checking out a U-Pick Farm in your area?  You could make a gigantic salad using what you have in your garden. Or, maybe you could make your Mom’s pasta salad, chocolate chip ice cream sammies or strawberry shortcake. So fun and so cool.
Happy Memorial Day!


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