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I want to eat real food. I want my family to eat real food. Armed with this plan, I know I can do it. I am a real person, with real kids in a regular ol' kitchen cranking out dinner. Find out my inspiration for the menus, what's happening in my kitchen, and the achievements on the kid-friendly front.

Father's Day

2013-06-14 | 0 comments
It’s Father’s Day and I am picturing my Dad out in his vegetable garden, in his madras bermudas, tending to his ‘babies. I’m thinking of the dishes my dad liked to eat, the ones we made together and how he influenced my palette. My Dad was a salty, sharp, witty, Connecticut Yankee.  He instilled in me an irrepressible respect for my family, my freedom, and Mother Nature.
When I was growing up, we watched the weather together– literally – from the porch. Great big thunderstorms that would rattle you from the inside out and eerily silent snowstorms. He taught me to watch for the crocuses to signal spring, the tides for just when to fish, and the evening skies for tomorrow’s forecast. We had to wait one day after the hottest day to pick the tomatoes for canning - and that was really hard to do!
So, to celebrate my wise old Dad, we are enjoying some of his favorite recipes this week. Not too fussy –but quality all around.  He had a wonderful, abundant summer vegetable garden that we ate from every night.  This week’s Giardiniera is his recipe and made with whatever was just under ripe. I hope you enjoy his favorite Cheese Burger with Blue Cheese and updated Onion Rings as well as My Mom’s Vichyssoise and Swordfish.
It all takes me back to that lively dinner table where it was just us, we ate everything we were served and my sensibilities were nurtured….Happy Father’s Day.


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