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I want to eat real food. I want my family to eat real food. Armed with this plan, I know I can do it. I am a real person, with real kids in a regular ol' kitchen cranking out dinner. Find out my inspiration for the menus, what's happening in my kitchen, and the achievements on the kid-friendly front.

Ya, We All Do It

2014-09-19 | 0 comments
Spaz shopping. I do it.
I go to the market and cruise around, happily grabbing items that I know my family will eat without complaint. I unload my groceries and check the box – shopping done! I’m a stud. Cut to 6:00 – there’s nothing to eat.  But I went to the store dammit!
Or, even more likely, I hit the market at 5:30 and two wheel it through the aisles, trying to make a fast choice for my family dinner in 10 minutes or less. After I grab a few “ideas” – not meals – I race to the front. I am fuming as I stand in a seemingly endless line with all the other agro unprepared shoppers. Fun. Not.
Both situations are rarely successful, expensive and leave me feeling crappy about my choices. But the worst part? I did it to myself! And, I have to go back to the store tomorrow.

You know what would be cool? If there was a way to have a few of my weekly dinners planned ahead? Like maybe even the whole meal. And, what if there was a list of everything I would need? What if I could print or download that list and take it to the market when the shelves were full and the atmosphere was pleasant? I could pop in my earbuds and boogie down the aisles!
Take back the power. Restore your good mood. Make that yummy chicken dinner in the pic. Print the flipping list!
Now if could just stop spaz shopping at the Kate Spade boutique – ouch!


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