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Each week we deliver a four-night meal plan with a printer-ready shopping list to you. We create kid-tested and home cook-tested easy to follow menus full of real food for real families.
Each day has an easy-to-follow menu with a step-by-step plan. We also include time saving, strategy and prep ahead tips. Preparing dinner just became that much easier and it is ready when you are.
Now that you have a plan, you'll have dinner ready when your family is hungry and everyone enjoys a delicious meal of real food prepared by you. But, most importantly, our food tastes good!


We are Real People

We have real homes, real kids and time constraints. Now, with 10-plus years in the kitchen trenches, we have figured out a way to make cooking with real food easier for you and your family. It’s our 4-night dinner plan with shopping list. We know you're busy - that's why we do the planning when you have the rest of your life happening.

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Give it a Whirl

Here is an example of the delicious, healthy recipes that you'll receive as a member:

Herbed Flank Steak
Roast Lemon Thyme Chicken
Portobello Pizza Sandwiches

Test our plan and see how easy it can be to prepare delicious, real food meals!


“Hi MB,
     I always thought that I hated to cook. But thanks to you, I realized it was the planning, not the cooking, that I didn't like. Coming up with menu ideas and making a list before heading to the supermarket... I often just didn't have the time. With Real Family Real Food, it’s all done for me. Now dinnertime is enjoyable – my entire family looks forward to it and I found out that I actually LOVE to cook! Thanks.”

     -Diana, Lafayette, CA

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