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We want to eat real food.
We want our families to eat real food.
We know we can do it with a plan.

Everybody's got their thing. For some it's numbers, for others it's gardening, running, writing or art, and still others it's folding laundry or shiny sinks. None of those are my thing. My thing is creating dinner menus. I love it. I love the actual task. I love food - simple, tasty food. I relish the research, the balanced weekly plan, preparing the shopping list, the prep and the primal satisfaction of a well fed family.

My passion was born of necessity. I had to 'get real'. I have one child who is beyond picky, one who eats everything and a spouse who flies through the door at dinner time. I formed a two pronged attack - plan tasty, simple, real food dishes that I could prepare easily. I did it.

But, never could I have imagined the response I would receive from planning the meals for other families! From the very first week, when I received texts and photos of big smiles, thumbs up and empty plates from astonished parents - not to mention the thank you emails from the husbands!

I hope you will get onboard and use real family real food as a tool to make your days easier and your dinnertime much more fun.

- Mary Beth
Real Family Real Food
Q. What is Real Family Real Food?


A four night meal plan that is easy to follow at any skill level and a shopping list of exactly what you need.

Q. What is a real family?


Your family, my family. The group of people you eat dinner with is your family – however you choose to do it. Real to us is to be realistic about meal time and the food we eat. Real life families have conflicting schedules, picky eaters, and no time. Too often, another pizza gets the job done – and that just fine!  But, I have the desire to do a little more for my family and make good food choices. Often my real life trumps that desire – enter the realfamilyrealfood plan.

Q. What is real food?


Real food is food that I can find at my local grocer that is in its original state. It’s the easiest to find and least expensive too.

Q. Do I have to do anything?


Yes. You shop and cook, which you already do anyway. And with Real Family Real Food, I’m there with you at every step. I’ve made the list and I’m your companion through the preparation.

Encouraging Note: More than 50% of my first group of members had sketchy kitchen skills at best. They either had no interest in cooking, ‘hated it’, or just never learned. This crew is now cooking … and enjoying it.

Q. Who creates the meal plan?


I do. I have been cooking for my bunch for 10+ years and my approach has evolved with our schedules and tastes. But like you, I have a life too. So I had to find good food that my family would actually eat AND that wouldn’t keep me tied to the stove all day. Whether you have great or finicky eaters, the plan allows room for everyone to enjoy dinner.

Q. What do I get out of it?


You get a family that is eating real food. You get some of your daily load lightened. And, best of all, you get meals that you and your kids will eat.
Q. Why Real Family Real Food?


Three really good reasons:

1) It saves you time: The pressure, planning, and list making are gone. Simply take the shopping list to the store once, and bring home everything you need for all four dinners. Preparing real food dishes can seem daunting, but I offer easy strategies to reduce mealtime chaos.

2) It saves you money: When you shop with the list, you only buy the food that you need.  No more impulse purchases because you are running late. No more prepackaged dinners of too much food. No more waste.  Food=cash!  Now you will purchase exact amounts and cut back on spoiled and unused foods.

3) You and your family are eating real food: We all know that we are not always eating well or teaching our kids to do so. Food is fun and so is eating! Its something we all have to do - three times a day - so why not make eating real food a priority when you can do it this easily?

Q. Who are your influences?


  1. My real family. Honest to God. Their likes, dislikes, allergies, etc. have been my biggest influence.  I have a very picky eater – all white food- and that wasn’t going to fly anymore. My desire to expand her food choices sent me searching down a path to find tasty, healthier meals. And I did it!
  2. My friends. They were always asking why I wasn’t stressed about dinner or how I already knew what I was cooking.  They asked for my plan, I started sending my list via email, and they were instantly hooked.
  3. The pros.  Ina Garten, Michael Pollan, The team at America’s Test Kitchen, Ruth Reichel, Tyler Florence.  These folks keep it real and uncomplicated – that’s my style – real family real food.